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Private Dining Redefined

If you’re trying to find a venue to host a private function with your friends and family
ADHOC is perfect for you.



AD HOC was born because we wanted to create a humble yet fancy place that everyone can have a unique, extraordinary and memorable experience, something more than just a typical dinner.

A night that you and your friends can catch up while enjoyning the meticulously prepared courses from our chef.

AD HOC, a Latin phrase meaning literally “For This”. It means something is done because it has to be done, good and prompt. It is spontaneous, yet well planned for certain circumstances which in this ambience refers to seasons of the year to the food that we serve at the time.

AD HOC is essential for the seekers, those who craves beyond mere culinary experiences – those who want something more.



When it comes to ingredients, nothing except the freshest ingredients enter our workspace. Alongside sourcing the most amazing local and international ingredients, we also work hard to rediscover ancient ingredients that may have been forgotten.


By developing an understanding for produce, we no longer have to depend on the protein to bring in all the flavor. Every single element on the plate serves a purpose, whether it’s an acidic pop or a subtle hint of sweetness, our greens are just as important as any other component on the plate. 

Most of our vegetables and herbs come from the northern part of Thailand where we have a local farmer who helps us find seasonal ingredients that we love to play with! In our current menu you these ingredients include wild fruits and vegetables like a very special leaf called cocoyam that can only be found and foraged deep within the forest.


We specialize in Locally Sourced, organic, high quality meat that jut happens taste so much better. Our Wagyu Beef if flown in directly from Japan and other ingredients like our organic free range duck was sourced from a local farm in eastern part of Thailand. It’s important that we know where each and every single one of our dishes comes from so understanding the farm that the animals are raised on is of the utmost importance to us. ​


We go out of our way to find the most exotic varieties of seafood. Most of our fish and shellfish is imported directly from markets in Osaka and Tokyo because our menus require very specialized fish with very specific high fat contents. Species like tuna, cod, and even uni are perfectly paired with the acidic, thai inspired, sauces we develop to bring a perfect balance and unique flavor to our menu. ​

Fall Menu


Rice berry
Rice berry cracker, Fermented Rice, king mackerel

toddy plam
xo short bread, blue swimmer crab, coconut

garlic onion paste Vietnamese mint, almond, iberico


Bluefins tuna, pomelo, light pickle carrot, aromatic herbs, northern spices

mantis shrimp
caramelised coconut tamarind ice cream, betel leaves, bird’s eye child, galangal

taro uni
black quid ink, taro, Hokkaido uni, salty egg, faffir lime


free range domes duck, blackberries, red Chinese plum, red cabbage cake

Nagasaki black wagyu a4
blood jus, onion chilli cream, roasted chestnut, eggplant
black cod
coco yam, kale, cabbage, caviar, oyster mushroom


Pineapple | cocoa | Yoghurt | waffle | Vanilla | Pickled fruits | walnut


Since we are a small private dining kitchen, advance bookings are an absolute must. We only take one booking per night and table sizes can be anywhere from from 6 to 16 people. Dinner can take anywhere between 4-6 hours so make sure you come prepared to feast! 

We are currently only taking reservations via phone or email.

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